CSI Powerline New Hire Orientation

taught by United Safety Technologies LLC
United Safety Technologies LLC
United Safety Technologies LLC
Human Systems Engineer

About the instructor

Hello all,

My name is John Fallucca, and I am your instructor. For the past 20 years, I have served in the electric utility industry. I started as an apprentice, then journeyman, safetyman, and now I have returned to school earned a graduate degree and study human error. Your safety is my passion. I have taken safety systems and  made complete chasnges to them with great success. I believe that the old way of safety, that is, follow the safety book and you will be safe, or do it my way or you will be fired is the wrong approach to keeping you safe. I believe in a participatory programs that involves the employee from all ranks and file. It is my goal to change the way safety is done throughout the entire electric utility industry.

Thank you,

John J Fallucca 

Co-Founder\United Safety Technologies LLC 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the following:

Phone: 480-518-4260

Email: jfallucca@unitedsafetytechnologies.com

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